Rec Team Formation To Game Scheduling

The April edition of Maximize Demosphere focused on the Rec Team Formation to Game Scheduling process and is featured below. Click to download a copy of the slides in PDF format. The slides are available to view as well with no narration.

We divided our session into three parts:

    • Finish Team Assigning. Make sure your team assigning process is complete before bringing teams over to the scheduling system. While it’s easy to add or change a coach later, changing the number of teams down the line will lead to more work on the scheduling side of things, so confirm details like that before moving forward.
    • Transfer Effectively. Many details can be cloned from previous seasons so work doesn’t have to be repeated. Take advantage of things that have been done in prior seasons to make this process as quick as possible.
    • Schedule Quickly. Based on your available fields, game dates, and division structures, the scheduling process for these teams is a breeze. With the work complete, publishing the schedule and tracking scores (as appropriate) provides a top-class experience for parents.

Hopefully the items mentioned in the session will help save time when scheduling games for your rec teams. We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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