Providing expertise to the Youth Sports community for over 27 years

Leading you down the path toward effective, streamlined solutions that serve the needs of all your members.

Demosphere is a privately-owned, family run organization that has been providing expertise to the youth sports community for over 27 years. Our roots go back to a time before World Cup ‘94 USA, before the soccer boom of today, before the Internet.

Our founder, Jay Baker, has had a long history of technical pioneering and used this prowess to quickly propel Demosphere to the top of the soccer world, where he became the chairman of the World Cup Volunteer Technology Task Force. Consulting with FIFA, and contributing to work for the founding of MLS in 1996 spawned the invention of web-based products that have been used by the greater soccer community for decades.

Since the early days, our mission has led us down the path of continuous improvement - pushing the boundaries on providing leading-edge technology to meet the ever-growing needs of the youth sports community. 

The evolution of Demosphere's history can be portrayed by the timeline below:

  • 1994: Technology task force members for World Cup '94
  • 1994-1997: Founder of weekly newspaper: Washington Soccer Net
  • 1994-2000: Website host of the first ever FIFA.com website
  • 1996: Performing demographic studies and database work for the founding of MLS
  • 1997: Creation of the first web-based solutions geared toward helping youth and professional clubs and leagues around the country
  • 1998: Website design and development consulting on the original Manchester United website
  • 1998: FIFA Media & Technology Task Force members for World Cup '98
  • 1999-2010: Shift in our product suite geared toward industrial strength solutions for grassroots youth sports organization
  • 2007-2012: Spike in youth sports partners across the country looking for web-based solutions
  • 2011: Maturation of products using aging technology
  • 2012-2016: Multi-million dollar self-funded investment into the development of a new platform using leading edge technology, based on decades of experience
  • 2013: Release of our newly envisioned platform with extensible web and mobile applications
  • 2014-current: Continuous development of new platform, including mobile-based solutions to solve even the most complex needs of the end-to-end youth sports market
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