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Bermuda Football Association

Bermuda Football Association, home of men’s, women’s, and youth soccer teams in Bermuda needed an easy way to share information with players, coaches, and the public. They wanted a way to simplify and lessen the stress of registration. And they desired an easy way to schedule hundreds of teams that play under their association.

Bermuda FA LogoA re-designed Bermuda FA website was launched in April, 2008. This brought an effortless way to share schedules, individual statistics, league standings, and general Bermuda FA information. Since launching their site with Demosphere®, Bermuda FA also began using the RosterPro™ Registration and League Scheduling Systems. After some time speaking with Ian Rawlins, Program Developer and Coordinator, it is apparent that Bermuda FA has succeeded in finding an effortless way to share important information, a simplified registration process, and a way to schedule games without stress.

When asked about the WebWriter® Website System, Rawlins excitedly expressed that it has “increased website visits by 60% from time of launch until January, 2010.” The new system implemented in January is very user friendly and Rawlins commented, “It is much appreciated and I update the website every day.” News stories and other information are easily posted at least two or three times a day to keep all visitors well informed. Feedback from coaches and players has been great. Favorite features of the website are the full season schedules, game statistics, score alerts, and updated team rosters.

Beginning in January 2010, Bermuda FA teams began registering their players online to streamline the process and save time. Rawlins says that online registration has “lessened the pressure tremendously and made information easy to find and reference.” Tasks are now simpler and less time consuming to complete. Another feature Rawlins stresses is the ability to send emails to all registered players and coaches if there is a schedule change. For example, “Just this past week we sent an email on Thursday to please be on standby Saturday morning due to weather conditions. At 8:01 Saturday morning, everyone received an email saying that matches at 9:30 am would be postponed. This saves time for everyone from coaches to officials to players.”

When asked about his overall experience with Demosphere, Rawlins said, “It has been great bringing Demosphere on board. We have no regrets. The upgraded system is easy for everyone to enjoy and can be passed on to other people in the office. Something new about the software is discovered every day.”

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